Company Profile

F.lli Santorelli

The limited partnership “Fratelli Santorelli“, (ex “Santorelli Michele” firm, born in 1925) was founded in 1972 in Comiziano, a village in the countryside around Nola, Naples  province, in the south of Italy.
Originally the activity of the firm consisted in producing cherries of the kind “Imperiale”. Then it has extended the processing of such product on a large scale, assuming thus the form of a real industrial activity.

Since the beginning, Domenico, one of the sons of the original founder, has been spending all his energies and abilities in the management of the family business, making them reachan important role in the manufacturing and colouring cherries.

As a result of this and the increased sales of the product, in 1995 the Company moved its activity to the industrial zone in Avella (in the province of Avellino) in an area that covers 44000 square meters, located in “via Calcare”. Here, in the manufacturing process, the factory boasts and uses the most technologically advanced machinery.

All this equipment has allowed the Company to face the ever increasing demand of the product both in the national and international field. For example: Middle East, Persian Gulf, North South and Central America, Asia, Australia, the Far East, all over Europe, ecc.

Currently management and ownership are from the wife of Mr. Domenico and his sons, Michele and Patrizia (Third Generation) and it can be considered a leader firm in the production of fruit and in particular of sulphured cherries, preserved and colored, candied, for industrial use, food service and retail.
The main objects of Santorelli s.a.s. aim at the reinforcement and further development of its own presence and competition in the belonging trade fields; according to this perspective the constant improvement of the products represents a primary and unavoidable need aimed to the complete satisfaction of the custom.

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